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Zoho Analytics

Getting your data into Zoho Analytics is nice and easy with SyncHub. First, you'll need to [get your database credentials](/kb/startreporting?api=). Now, go ahead and enter them into Zoho Analytics: 1. Launch Zoho Analytics and click **Import Your Data** 2. Select **Cloud Databases** 3. Select **Cloud Service Name** as Microsoft Azure and **Database Type** as SQL Database 4. Copy and paste the server from your credentials into the Server Name field 5. Enter the relevant credentials into the Username and Password fields 6. Copy and paste the database from your credentials into the Database Name (in Microsoft Azure) field 7. Click **Next** 8. Select **Multiple Tables** and choose all the tables you would like to access, then click **Next** 9. Choose your import settings, then click **Next** 10. Choose your schedule settings, then click **Create** All done! Now you can build custom reports and dashboards using data from across all your connections – without the need for manual importing.