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SyncHub is designed with your data in mind

Here are some of the features that help make managing your data a breeze

We provide the database

All our plans come with your own secure, managed database - hosted in SQL Azure. No need to bring in your network or admin team - just get straight into your reports.

Want to bring your own database? We support that too.

Build your own reports & dashboards

Access your data from your existing reporting tool, or use our Insights platform to build reports & dashboards from within SyncHub itself.

Read more about Insights on our blog.

Querying your data is a breeze

Got a quick question about your data? Our Query Editor allows you to quickly write and execute SQL, without even leaving SyncHub.

And if your SQL skills are a little rusty, let our AI-powered Query Assistant write your queries for you - just tell it what you need!

Read more about our Query Editor on our blog.

Security is a first-class citizen

Whether its data-separation, IP-whitelisting, encryption or multi-factor authentication - we consider security first & foremost in every decision we make.

Read our blog post to find out how.

Not canned reports. Raw data.

Who are we to tell you the reports you need? Only you know your business, and only you can ask the questions of your data. SyncHub provides raw data from your cloud services, so you can build the reports you need.

Read our blog post to see why tools like SyncHub are not just a luxury, they are a necessity.

Complete control

The SyncHub app gives you complete control over your data. Disable the endpoints you don't need, or modify the sync frequency for high-priority data points.

Sync all your historical data

SyncHub doesn’t just keep your reports updated with your latest data, it goes back and collects all your historical data too. In fact, from your dashboard you can select exactly how far back SyncHub will go for each data table.

Give access to the whole team

SyncHub offers you the ability to add multiple users to the same account. And with admin-only permissions settings, you choose who can do what – giving you complete control over how your data is accessed.

Adjust the frequency of your sync

Whether you want your data refreshed once a month or once a minute, SyncHub gets it done. You can even specify different frequencies for different data tables, so your data is updated exactly when you need it to be.

Understand your data

We don’t like black boxes at SyncHub - they obfuscate the service that we are offering, and make it harder for people to understand exactly what is happening to their data. We figure most of our customers are like us, and like to know how things work - not just trust the black box and take the output for granted.

So, we built our API Explorer...

Easily sync specific segments of data

If something changes at the data source – such as your cloud service's API offering new data or its server going temporarily offline – you can easily resolve it using Segments. This allows you to select a precise time period to re-sync, while still ensuring your reports stay up to date with your latest data.