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Connecting to HubSpot

Connect your HubSpot account to SyncHub and begin building custom reports in just a few minutes. ### Connecting your account Browse to your SyncHub account, then use the Connections List to [connect your HubSpot account](/kb/gettingyourdata?api=). This will redirect you to HubSpot where you will be asked to approve our application using HubSpot's OAuth2 workflow: First, sign in with your HubSpot credentials ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=4781426e-3213-4c52-8d57-99dccfd7efa2&clientID=4&) Then, approve the connection ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=41915264-5d61-43e3-96f4-53a4eb30604b&clientID=4&) And finally, confirm the data that SyncHub will be pulling down, for you to report on ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=0f458a58-749c-47a2-b9c7-d3b48ba7f12e&clientID=4&) Once connected, your HubSpot data will begin downloading into your new data warehouse. Use your [Connection Dashboard](/kb/connectiondashboardsexplained?api=) to get your database credentials - you'll need these to connect your favourite reporting tool later ### What data does SyncHub download? For a detailed list of precisely what is downloaded from HubSpot, please refer to our [Data Model](/connectors/hubspot/datamodel). ### Data flow The data from the above endpoints will flow _one way_ from HubSpot to your data warehouse, where you can then read it from your reports. SyncHub **does not make changes to your HubSpot data - our service is read-only**. ### Contact For help and support with HubSpot, please contact our [support team here](https://www.synchub.io/getstarted). ### Terms & Privacy As part of the signup process, you will be asked to agree to our [Terms](https://www.synchub.io/terms) and [Privacy](https://www.synchub.io/privacy) policies. Please review these before using our service. ### Disclaimer SyncHub is an independently developed product/service offering by Blackball Software and has not been endorsed or verified by HubSpot, Inc. HubSpot, Inc. shall not have any liability with respect to the SyncHub product/service offered by Blackball Software.