About SyncHub

SyncHub gives you the ability to access all your data in one place so you can have accurate reporting. Many businesses find that their data becomes siloed in different SaaS platforms and exporting data from these platforms is often a manual process. SyncHub solves this by automatically marshaling new and modified data into a central relational database allowing you to connect your BI software to your data.

SyncHub is built and maintained by Blackball Software.

Our tech

We run and maintain our systems within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem which provides our customers with the highest level of data security and redundancy. Visit the Microsoft Azure trust center for more information.

About Blackball Software

Blackball is a software development agency based in New Zealand and has been been building software since 2004. We specialise in data integrations and work with businesses to implement bespoke software solutions. You can find out more about us at blackballsoftware.com