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Knowledge base

Connecting to Cin7

Connecting your account to Cin7 requires that you generate a new _API key_ in Cin7. First, visit the Admin -> Integrations page: ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=13d493c0-3573-485c-95c5-05f83e8fe770&clientID=4&) Note the _API username_ value provided on the Dashboard. Use this as the Username/Key when connecting to SyncHub: ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=329c05ce-3622-40f5-9db6-7205405fd5f9&clientID=4&) From this page, create a new key. When prompted, make sure you grant _read only_ permissions to all endpoints that you wish to report on in SyncHub: ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=c9a564bb-9620-46c1-bb1a-455ed07c3e7d&clientID=4&) Finally, once the key is saved, you will provided with the _secret_. Use this in the Password/Secret field when [connecting to SyncHub](/kb/gettingyourdata?api=): ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=cfd5a6cc-591f-4e14-9c41-18b9888ca020&clientID=4&) Good luck!