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Datastore management

Part of the power of SyncHub, is the ability to automatically map your API endpoints into a relational database. All of this happens behind-the-scenes, so you don't need a DBA on staff in order to use our service - just click and go! However, databases are sophisticated, and there is a lot of additional configuration available to those who need it. For this, we have our **Datastore Management** module. ### Accessing the module Simply open your **Connection Dashboard**, then select _Options - Manage data store_ from the main menu: ![](https://api.synchub.io/Media/RenderFile?&documentGuid=a514c37f-78d8-42a4-b0d4-93752cb8d787&clientID=4&) Within the module, you have a number of different capabilities... - Create _foreign keys_ in your data store, to mirror the relationships we have mapped in your data model. Creating foreign keys allows your reporting tool to make smarter suggestions when building your reports - Increase the performance of your reports, by creating _indexes_ on key columns - Use our [Firewall module](/kb/firewall?api=) to restrict access to your data store, based on IP address - Disable/enable the SyncHub cache - sometimes required for GDPR or general compliance