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Getting your data into Tableau is nice and easy with SyncHub. First, you'll need to get your database credentials from SyncHub: 1. Log in to SyncHub and head to the **Connections** page 2. Click the **Dashboard** for any of your connections (it doesn’t matter which one) 3. Click **Start Reporting** 4. Click **View Credentials** 5. Enter your password Those are your database credentials. Now, go ahead and enter them into Tableau: 1. Launch Tableau and select **Microsoft SQL Server** from the 'To a Server' section of the left hand panel 2. Copy and paste the relevant credentials into the Server and Database fields, then select **Use a specific username and password** and enter the username and password from your credentials 3. Hit **Sign In** All done! Now you can build custom reports and dashboards using data from across all your connections – without the need for manual importing.