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Your connection hub

Once you've created your SyncHub account, you'll find yourself in your brand new connection hub. Head to the Connections page by selecting **Connections** from the main menu. Here you'll find a nice summary of all your connections i.e. the places you are pulling data from. To [add a new connection](/kb/gettingyourdata?api=), hit **New connection** and follow the prompts. Back on the Connections page, you'll see a status bar for your new connection showing the progress of the historical data import. Normally this will be sitting at 100%, but the exception to this is when you only recently added that connection. That’s because at the beginning, the SyncHub engine is busy pulling all your historical data. It’s heavy work so this will take some time, but you can [make it as quick as possible](/kb/importingyourhistoricaldata?api=). In the meantime, you can already go ahead and start building some reports. Follow [our article on reporting](/kb/startreporting?api=) to get started. Back on the Connections page, when the Status bar for each connection shows 100% that means all your historical data has been imported. SyncHub will now automatically ensure that any changes to your data are reflected in your reports.