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Syncing specific data segments

The Segments feature allows you to prioritise periods of data without disrupting the overall sync. If something changes at the data source – such as your cloud service’s API offering new data or its server going offline – you can resolve it by using segments. This will allow you to select a precise time period to re-sync, while still ensuring your reports stay up to date with your latest data. Alternatively, if you've recently [added a new connection](/kb/gettingyourdata?api=) and want your newest data to be synced _before_ syncing all your historical data, you can use segments to re-prioritise accordingly. We give you the option to select the priority of a segment. You can specify a segment as 'moderate' priority, in which case it will just run alongside your main sync, or you can specify a segment as 'high' priority, which will pause your main sync to complete your segment before continuing with the rest of the main data. ### How to create segments 1. Navigate to your [connections page](/kb/quickstartguide?api=) and head to the **dashboard** for the relevant connection. 2. Click the name of the data table you wish to add a segment to. 3. Click **Create a new segment**. 4. Adjust the segment details and click **Save**. Your segment will now be listed under _Upcoming_. It will begin at the start of the next run and will maintain the same [run size and run frequency](/kb/howsynchubworks?api=) as the main sync for that data table. Once the segment is finished, it will be listed under _Recently completed_. You can also create segments by viewing a data table's [sync history](/kb/viewingsynchistory?api=).