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Connect your Xero data to SyncHub by following the instructions below.

Getting started

  1. Click My Apps - Integrations in the navigation menu.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. In the New Connection window, select Xero.
  4. Click Proceed to the Xero authorization page to connect.
  5. If you are not yet logged into your Xero account, you will be prompted to log in.
  6. Click Allow access to authorize Xero to access your Xero data.
  7. In the dropdown, select the Xero account you would like to connect to and click Connect. You will now be returned to SyncHub to complete the integration.
  8. if your Xero account has multiple tenants, SyncHub will prompt you to select which one you wish to integrate with.
  9. SyncHub will now begin incrementally syncing your data, and you may begin reporting.

Data flow diagram

SyncHub Data Flow Diagram - Xero

FAQs ##

How frequent is my Xero data synced? The sync frequency is set based on your plan. The default sync frequency is daily.

Can I connect multiple Xero accounts? Yes, if you have a plan that allows for multiple connections, you can add additional Xero integrations by completing the getting started steps above for each connection.

How do I disconnect from Xero? Click the Disconnect button on the integration dashboard for your Xero connection.

How far back does my data go? SyncHub checks your Xero organisation for a creation date and will attempt to sync data from this date. You can manually set the start date by clicking on progress bar for each sync task.

Available endpoints

Next steps

You may now connect to your new data warehouse using the reporting tool of your choice. If you are not using a reporting tool yet, we've created a simple Xero Example Dashboard for Power BI.