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Data accessibility

_Data accessibility_ is a measure of the ease with which one can extract raw data from the Katana Cloud Manufacturing platform. Because this is literally the core of what SyncHub does, it greatly impacts the speed and efficiency of the service we provide. Generally speaking, data accessibility can be broken down into the following points: 1. [Date modification filters](/kb/datamodificationfilters?api=katana) 2. Paging 3. Flat vs. nested structures 4. Single-item retrieval 5. Soft vs. hard deletes 6. Throttling 7. Ordering & sorting 8. Dates & timezones 9. Pricing At SyncHub, we measure each of these aspects and deploy tools such as [Deletion Management](/kb/deletionmanagement?api=katana) or [Trails](/kb/Trails?api=katana) to work around limitations. ####Read more about this feature and how it works on the [blog](https://blog.synchub.io/articles/data-accessibility)