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First, let's get your data

![Katana Cloud Manufacturing](https://www.synchub.io/i/logos/katana.png) Looking to free your Katana Cloud Manufacturing data? Good, you’ve come to the right place. ### Getting connected 1. Select **Connections** from the main menu 2. Click the **New** button 3. Select **Katana Cloud Manufacturing** 4. Give it a name (this is especially useful if you’re creating multiple Katana Cloud Manufacturing connections) 5. Authorise the connection by following the prompts to sign in to your Katana Cloud Manufacturing account 6. Done. Now watch as SyncHub begins [retrieving your historical data](/kb/importingyourhistoricaldata?api=katana). To connect multiple Katana Cloud Manufacturing accounts, simply follow the steps above for each one. ### Available data tables SyncHub works by regularly querying each endpoint in the Katana Cloud Manufacturing API, checking for new and modified data. For each endpoint, SyncHub produces a corresponding data table in your reporting tool. These are the data tables currently available: - Customer - Inventory - Location - Manufacturing order - Manufacturing order recipe - Material - Product - Purchase order - Sales order - Sales order fulfillment - Stock adjustment - Stocktake - Stocktake row - Stock transfer - Supplier - Tax rate - Variant - Material config - Product config - Purchase order row - Sales order row - Sales order fulfillment row - Stock adjustment row - Stock transfer row - Variant config value - Variant supplier code - Material config value - Product config value - Sales order row attribute - Sales order row batch transaction - Sales order fulfillment row batch transaction Need more data? No problem, please [let us know](https://www.synchub.io/contact) and we'll see if we can add it. Or if you're a data nerd like us, feel free to check out the Katana Cloud Manufacturing API documentation to see what’s available. ### What data does SyncHub take from Katana Cloud Manufacturing? SyncHub extracts the endpoints above from Katana Cloud Manufacturing, and stores it in your data warehouse. ### What data does SyncHub create or modify in Katana Cloud Manufacturing? Nothing. SyncHub is read-only and never sends data back to Katana Cloud Manufacturing.