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Invalid SQL

SyncHub was unable to store your Katana Cloud Manufacturing record because the entity was incorrectly mapped to your relational data warehouse. ### How to resolve This is a _developer-level event_ and our team have already been notified of the issue. If is likely in fact, that simply retrying this sync will now work. However, if the issue reoccurs, there are a number of things you might try: - if you are using our [BYOD](/kb/byod?api=katana?api=katana) option, please make sure that your columns have not been modified from the SyncHub defaults. Specifically, the column type, the column length (if applicable), and its nullability - even if you are not using BYOD, on rare occasions SyncHub is forced to adapt your database structure as the Katana Cloud Manufacturing API evolves. In these cases, we automatically make the updates on-demand, however there is technically an interim period where the two structures may be unaligned, or of course the update itself may have failed. In these cases, please contact the SyncHub team