SyncHub for Consultants

SyncHub delivers real-time data from your clients' cloud-hosted software to your fingertips, so you can deliver reports that will truly help their businesses.

How does SyncHub work with my business?

I work with a single client

Perfect! You can use SyncHub today. Once you create an account, you can invite your client to connect their software and they can manage payments.

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I have lots of clients

Awesome! We give you control over billing as well as what your clients see. Your domain, your branding, our technology. Get in touch to find out more.

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What is SyncHub for Consultants?

SyncHub for Consultants lets you set up sub accounts for your clients and invite them to connect their cloud based software. You have control over which connectors they have access to.

How does white labeling work?

White labeling SyncHub lets you brand your client's experience and gives you more control over how you package your services. You can even use your own domain name and contact email address.

How is client data stored?

Every sub account is assigned a separate cloud hosted database. Within each database, every connector is stored in a separate schema.

How does billing work?

Take advantage of SyncHub's integrated billing platform, or roll them up under one convenient bill then pass the charges on as you see fit.