SyncHub for Consultants

Focus on your reports, and leave the data to us

Whether you're an accountant, implementation specialist or any other kind of consultant, your service is only as good as the data you build it on - but getting data from cloud services is a difficult job.

SyncHub for Consultants is a fully white-labeled version of SyncHub, which lets you onboard and maintain your client data using our technology, under your own brand.

1 2 3 Connect each client

Connect the cloud services that your client uses - POS, Payroll, Inventory, Accounting and more - we support them all.

1 2 3 Sync your data automatically

SyncHub incrementally syncs your data and stages it in a managed data warehouse. We check for changes so you don't have to.

1 2 3 Connect your reporting tool

Use reporting tools like Excel, Tableau or Power BI to connect directly to your clients’ data in real-time and build sophisticated reports and dashboards.

Create sub-accounts for each of your clients

Onboard your clients with their own independent Starter or Business plan, nested under your own. You have control over things like billing, the appearance of the app and which connectors they have access to – all with the click of a button. You can also log in to sub-accounts yourself so you can make changes or build reports.

Manage all your clients in one place

SyncHub for Consultants comes with your own client dashboard. Here you can see all your sub-accounts at a glance and customise each one to fit that client’s needs. For each client you can view the status of their connections, add or remove restrictions, manage payments and more.

Set up automatic credit card payments

With SyncHub for Consultants, you'll never have to chase a payment. Just use our integrated billing platform to connect with your own Stripe account and start accepting payments from your clients immediately. You can even adjust the payment amount to include your own service fee.

Rest easy knowing your clients’ data is secure

Each sub-account is assigned a separate cloud-hosted database. Within each database, every connection is stored in a separate schema. This means no matter how many sub-accounts you create, there’s no risk of data contamination.

Fly your colours with white labeling

Make the SyncHub app your own by adding your own logo, colour scheme, domain name and contact email address. White labeling lets you completely brand your client’s experience and gives you control over how you package your services.

And of course, enjoy all the built-in SyncHub features

Real-time syncing, multiple users, reporting with any BI tool – you and your clients get them all.

SyncHub has been a game-changer for my consulting firm. Clients are amazed at how easily I can set up their reports in a way that they're kept updated at all times – and it works seamlessly with Power BI.