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Automate your Cin7 reports in three easy steps

Connect Cin7 to SyncHub

Securely connect the cloud based software you use to SyncHub and we'll do the rest.

We sync your data automatically

SyncHub incrementally syncs your data and stages it in a managed data warehouse. We check for changes so you don't have to.

Connect your favourite reporting tool

Use reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI to connect directly to your data and build sophisticated reporting and dashboards.

Our simple data structures make your reporting a breeze

 Sales order
 Credit note
 Sales order item
 Credit note item
 Product category membership
 Product category
 Product option
 Contact custom field
 Product custom field
 Adjustment item
 BOM master
 BOM product
 BOM product component
 Branch transfer
 Branch transfer item
 Production job
 Production job product
 Production job component
 Sales order item stock movement
 Serial number
 Purchase order
 Purchase order item
 Purchase order custom field
 Quote item
 Quote custom field
 Sales order custom field

About Cin7

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Cin7 is an all-in-one, cloud-based inventory solution that provides real-time visibility, control, and reporting to manage inventory from one end of the supply chain to the other. Cin7 includes built-in production, warehouse, POS, and B2B eCommerce functionality, along with a growing list of third-party integrations. Optimized for growing, multi-channel companies that need efficient, cost-effective inventory management at a fraction of the cost of a full ERP system.

Cin7 is “Connected Inventory”, bridging the gap between suppliers and sales channels to give end - to - end supplychain control.