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Gaining unlimited access to Vend data with SyncHub

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Uniform Management Services (UMS) is a long-standing, experienced uniform manufacturer and supplier. With a reputation for delivering premium quality and design, they provide custom-made uniforms for schools across Australia.

The challenge

Since implementing Vend as the comprehensive POS system across all their stores, UMS were very impressed with its effortless user interface and how well it streamlined their operations. One thing they needed, though, was deeper insights from their sales and inventory data. They found themselves limited by the types of reports available and the level of criteria they could search and filter by.

The solution

UMS combined SyncHub with a third party reporting tool to obtain the insights they were looking for. To do this, they simply connected both their Vend account and their reporting tool to SyncHub. This enabled SyncHub to give their reporting tool direct access to the Vend database, allowing the UMS team to build custom reports and forecasts using that data.

In nerdspeak, SyncHub worked its magic by using Vend’s API to incrementally pull data from their account and store it in a data warehouse. From there, SyncHub connected the reporting tool directly to the warehouse. SyncHub now continues to regularly check the Vend API for data additions and modifications and pulls them into the warehouse – meaning UMS never have to worry about the accuracy of their data.

The results

Having unrestricted access to their back-end Vend data has given UMS the freedom to develop visualisations using fields that in the past had been unavailable to them. This includes detailed reports on monthly sales and inventory forecasts.

Today, they continue to experiment with crunching their data in ways they previously hadn’t imagined, helping them gain unique insight across different areas of their business. And since the data in their reporting tool is kept accurate and up to date, the reports are too.