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Trunk Clothiers

Custom reporting across multiple Lightspeed accounts

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Centralised reporting from multiple Lightspeed sources
Custom dashboards using their preferred BI tool
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Trunk Clothiers is a menswear store from London catering to those looking for a worldly, contemporary take on classic style. From sharp tailoring to cosy knitwear, they offer a curated edit of emerging and established brands from around the globe

The challenge

Trunk doubled their operations in 2018 when they added to their London flagship store a second location in Zurich, Switzerland. Lightspeed, their all-in-one POS platform, helped facilitate the expansion with its straightforward set-up and familiar processes. Since the stores were located in separate countries, however, they now had two separate Lightspeed accounts and therefore two separate reporting dashboards.

Trunk wanted to gain insights across their entire business. To do this, they needed a way of getting their data from both stores into one place so they could use their BI tool to build the necessary reports. For a while they experimented with manually pulling data from each account and stitching it together in Excel, but this proved time-consuming and often led to inaccuracies.

The solution

Trunk used SyncHub to automatically combine the data and store it together in one, easily accessible database. They created a SyncHub login, authorised the app to connect to each Lightspeed account, then sat back and watched their historical data stream into their new database – managed entirely by SyncHub. Once that was finished, SyncHub began making regular checks for new and modified data and syncing it with the database, giving the Trunk team their data in real time.

Trunk then used their BI tool’s standard database connector to start building reports catered precisely to their needs. This included creating like-for-like sales comparisons by converting the currency of their offshore sales to their local currency, and driving previously unobtainable insights by establishing metrics like sell-through.

The results

The team at Trunk now have a set of tailored dashboards automatically emailed to them each week, providing them with a comprehensive overview of their business’s performance across all locations. There’s a lot of data to be discovered in Lightspeed, and SyncHub is enabling them to finally take full advantage of it with centralised custom reporting.

Recently, Trunk gave even more power to their reporting capabilities by connecting their Xero account to SyncHub. They’re now building reports overlaying their accounting data with that of their sales and inventory, and are excited to explore the deeper insights this produces.