Xero Practice Manager connector

Connect Xero Practice Manager to SyncHub and get visibility over your business data. Build advanced reports using popular BI software and start making business decisions on real business data.

How it works

Automate your Xero Practice Manager reports in two minutes and three easy steps.

1 2 3 Connect Xero Practice Manager to SyncHub

Securely connect your cloud software to SyncHub and we'll do the rest.

1 2 3 We sync your data automatically

SyncHub incrementally syncs your data and stages it in a managed data warehouse. We check for changes so you don't have to.

1 2 3 Connect your favourite reporting tool

Use reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI to connect directly to your data and build sophisticated reporting and dashboards.

Our simple data structures make your reporting a breeze

 Client group
 Client group client
 Custom field definition
 Custom field option
 Invoice cost
 Invoice task
 Job assignee
 Job custom field
 Job milestone
 Job note
 Job note comment
 Job task
 Job task assignee
 Lead custom field
 Purchase order
 Purchase order cost
 Staff member

About Xero Practice Manager

Visit the Xero Practice Manager website

Xero Practice Manager (XPM) is built with accounting and bookkeeping partners in mind. It's a comprehensive tool for tracking time, managing workflow and billing all built in the cloud.

Practices that have 3+ staff and more than 200 clients would benefit from the power of XPM.