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Connect Tanda to SyncHub and get visibility over your business data. Build advanced reports using popular BI software and start making business decisions on real business data.

How it works

Automate your Tanda reports in two minutes and three easy steps.

1 2 3 Connect Tanda to SyncHub

Securely connect your cloud software to SyncHub and we'll do the rest.

1 2 3 We sync your data automatically

SyncHub incrementally syncs your data and stages it in a managed data warehouse. We check for changes so you don't have to.

1 2 3 Connect your favourite reporting tool

Use reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI to connect directly to your data and build sophisticated reporting and dashboards.

Our simple data structures make your reporting a breeze

 Award tag
 Clock in
 Custom event
 Sales target
 Shift detail
 Timeclock question
 User qualification

About Tanda

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Tanda is a global market leader in workforce management software, eliminating paperwork with products such as the selfie time clock, intelligent rostering system, automatic award calculator, attendance-to-payroll integration, Shift Swapping, and more.

Operating in Brisbane, London, Chicago, and Manila, Tanda is committed to changing the quality of work around the world — one shift at a time.