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UBT Accountants

Powering client decisions with data from Unleashed and Xero

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Set-and-forget solution for giving clients access to their data
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Secure storage of client data

UBT Accountants is a global professional firm dedicated to providing advisory services to the SME sector. They forge deep relationships with clients who are seeking a combination of technical excellence and proactive advice, offering a tailored approach to ensure individual clients’ needs are met.

The challenge

A long-term client of UBT came to them needing sales analysis and inventory reports from their Unleashed data. They had been using the in-built reporting functions offered within the Unleashed app, but as they grew they found it increasingly necessary to drill down further into their data.

The team at UBT went ahead and built the reports using Power BI. The process of initially pulling the data in was easy enough, simply requiring a CSV file from Unleashed. Once the reports were built, however, it became clear that doing this every time the client needed updated reports would be far too time-consuming and make the reports prone to error.

The solution

UBT discovered the SyncHub app and created a SyncHub account. With their client’s permission, they plugged in the Unleashed data using SyncHub’s online authentication process. SyncHub then pulled all the required historical data before continuing to sync new data in real-time – all of which was fed into a securely hosted cloud database.

Using the credentials provided in the SyncHub app, UBT and their client could access the database from their reporting tool and watch the reports update as new data came in.

The results

The real-time data provided by SyncHub combined with the reports built by UBT have proved invaluable to their client. The sales reports enable the client’s sales team to manage travel more efficiently and ensure focus is placed on high-value clients. Meanwhile the inventory dashboards are enabling better purchasing decisions and allowing the stock manager to monitor stock levels more effectively.

All of this means UBT once again have a happy client. And now, for any client that knocks on their door wanting to make better use of their data, they have a ready-made solution for accessing it.