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RSM Australia

Eliminating pain points in data integration, with simPRO and Xero

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Having grown into one of Australia’s leading professional services firms over the last one hundred years, RSM Australia is committed to enabling clients through a greater understanding of what matters most to their business. In addition to local knowledge provided by their advisors in 35 offices across Australia, the company draws on their international reach as one of the world’s sixth largest networks of audit, tax and consulting firms.

Their mission is to ensure clients stay at the forefront of the world’s best practices, technology, and innovation within a rapidly changing global economy. We sat down with Matthew Cunneen, Partner, RSM Australia, to find out how SyncHub is helping eliminate data integration pain points.

The SyncHub experience was fantastic. It does what is says on the tin! The connection process is simple, the documentation is good and the communication with the team has been first class

As an experienced business intelligence professional, Matthew Cunneen knew that when he started as partner at accounting firm RSM, many of his clients would be using cloud accounting tools like Xero and MYOB. Experience had taught him that extracting data from cloud based platforms could be complex and time consuming. So, when he had a client who needed to merge data from two cloud sources, he started looking for a solution that would allow him to easily extract and connect the data to his client’s reporting tools.

Enter SyncHub – the connector Matthew had been searching for. SyncHub runs in the background, syncing cloud-service data down into a relational database in real-time. It allows businesses to connect their data to their favourite reporting tool to seamlessly produce powerful business insights.

“Initially I was looking to integrate data from Xero and simPRO,” says Matthew, “but I knew that many of the other cloud services our clients use would benefit from a data aggregation tool like SyncHub. I needed to be able to blend data from three different organisations into one master profit and loss at job level. Payments were being made from one company to the others and this was taking the internal team several days each month to reconcile. By using SyncHub, we’ve been able to easily eliminate this pain point – now it’s done automatically for the team every day.”

The experience

“The SyncHub experience was fantastic. It does what is says on the tin! The connection process is simple, the documentation is good and the communication with the team has been first class,” says Matthew. We are now able to run job level P&L analysis across the entire organisation. This is complicated as the customer invoices are sent from one entity, and the purchase orders and contractor invoices are received through other entities. So, the standard P&L reports in Xero just simply didn’t work.”

The building and technology delivery game is all about jobs and how profitable those jobs are, says Matthew. Managing contractor costs, managing variations, keeping an eye on margins to ensure that the business is profitable is all critical. The analysis that is now available to the client through SyncHub gives them everything they need to keep their finger on the pulse of all their jobs at the same time.

“The ability to extract data and produce meaningful insights is critical for our clients. Having it all done so simply using SyncHub makes my life so much easier as I’m able to do this at scale for my clients.”