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Rhino Camera Gear

Harnessing Brightpearl for data-driven business insights

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Live forecasting
Production schedule automation
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Cashflow management

Rhino Camera Gear (RCG) is run by a team of passionate filmmakers and engineers that will stop at nothing to build the finest, most intuitive camera gear on earth. In 2011 they launched their first product, Rhino Steady, on Kickstarter, with a dream to create easy to use filmmaking products. A little over a month later, they had their first customers and enough capital to build a few hundred stabilizers and the prototype for a new idea, a motorised camera slider.

Ten years later, the company continues to grow with award winning camera gear that’s used by filmmakers around the world.

The Challenge

The team at RCG uses retail operating system Brightpearl to manage their orders, inventory, and accounting. Whilst Brightpearl does a great job as an ERP, RCG were struggling to create a live forecasting tool in Excel that would integrate with the platform. The reports available in Brightpearl didn’t contain all the required information and the team was unable to sync the data from Brightpearl without manually exporting the reports. They needed a user-friendly tool that would automatically sync their data and connect it to Excel.

Enter SyncHub

By connecting SyncHub to Excel and automating the data sync process, Jake and the team are now able to easily forecast future sales based on historical data. “We’re also able to predict when we should be placing purchase orders…we know what we need to order, how much and when.”

“We’ve been able to automate our production schedule; this tells each team member how many products to assemble each week based on forecasted sales. Additionally, the automated forecasting tool allows us to order product and material on time… it tells us how much we need to decrease our inventory on hand, improving cashflow.”

Because SyncHub is a standard database at its core, it plays nicely alongside other data inputs. In RCG’s case, it allowed them to integrate data from their labour reporting tool. This helps them predict how many team members and hours are needed each month.

“As a smaller business, we know how important it is to be able to access all our data...we capitalise on every opportunity. We’re really happy with what SyncHub has enabled us to do – the customer service has been great and we’ve been supported throughout the journey.”

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