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Magic Memories

Using Vend and Deputy to support a global business

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Lightspeed Retail (X-Series/Vend)

Reporting tool

Power BI


Time and money saved by outsourcing the syncing process
Easy off-the-shelf solution
Large volumes of data synced in real time

Since Magic Memories launched in 1995, it has been their mission to turn the attraction photography business on its head – now they capture holiday moments at over 150 tourist attractions around the world. Their overarching goal is simple: to make people smile.

The challenge

Magic Memories use Vend as their POS system and Deputy for employee scheduling. Both these platforms have good reporting capabilities out-of-the-box, however Magic Memories soon found that analyzing and aggregating data became increasingly difficult as their business grew.

Their finance team was having to manually export and combine data for every venue around the world in order to inform their high-level decision making. This process would take weeks to finish, meaning that by the time reports were updated they were more or less inactionable.

The solution

The team began by building their own scrapers to extract data from Vend and Deputy, but other business priorities soon took over and the project kept being pushed out. Then they came across SyncHub. Realising they could save themselves the time and headaches involved with extracting the data themselves, they created an account on the SyncHub web app and connected it to their various Vend and Deputy accounts.

Magic Memories had a lot of historical data built up from the preceding years, so the SyncHub engine first imported it all before beginning to sync new data in real time. All the data was stored in a secure SQL warehouse, from where the team could easily access it and build the reports they needed.

Not only that, they now had both sales and staff cost data alongside each other in the same data warehouse, making cost-analysis reporting a breeze.

The results

Magic Memories is now in the process of implementing and drawing insights from the data pulled by SyncHub. SyncHub’s ability to pull data efficiently in real time means it is becoming an increasingly integral part of the company’s wider analytics infrastructure.

What previously took weeks is now a matter of simply pressing Refresh in their reporting tool. And now, having been freed from the struggle of getting live data into their reports, the team is able to focus on tailoring those reports to help them make crucial business decisions.