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“It’s critical that we help clients monitor and measure what truly matters to them, so we can help support them in achieving all their strategic goals. We’re thrilled to have SyncHub’s help in bringing this all to life in a fast, affordable, manageable way for our clients.” KPMG Private Enterprise

The challenge

How can we combine data from multiple systems to monitor and manage business performance in a more meaningful way for business owners? When KPMG Private Enterprise first approached SyncHub, that was the question they had. After researching a range of different solutions for data-extraction, it became clear that many were too complex or cost prohibitive for their clients. They needed a user friendly and accessible solution for smaller businesses who didn’t have a business analyst or data scientist on their payroll.

“We have a lot of ambitious clients who want to get as close as they can to their business data but it’s often siloed in different systems, so while they were able to look at each dataset in isolation, bringing all the right metrics together was challenging,” says Innovation Lead Eva Perrone. “We needed a nimble solution that would combine the most meaningful data to provide rich insights for business growth.”

The solution

Enter SyncHub – the connector they had been searching for. SyncHub runs in the background, syncing cloud-service data down into a relational database in real-time. With the data-extraction taken care of, the team at KPMG Private Enterprise could focus on their core strengths – analysing data and providing high-value advice to their customers. Add in the powerful visualisation options provided by Power BI, and clients can now see all the data they care about in one place - a goldmine of information and insights for powering their business.

“When small business leaders want to see how their business is performing, they often go to their bank account, log in to systems like Xero or Spotlight, or wait for their next report from their accountant,” says Eva, “These are great simple solutions for a lot of our clients, but where they may fall short is if the financial metrics aren’t the only business metrics that a client cares about.” The SyncHub solution was able to connect the clients’ systems, extract a richer level of data and enable a much deeper dive view across the whole business. Insights such as which products are bestsellers, where and how, were then possible.

The results

In a country that’s home to more than half a million SMEs, there’s an enormous market for consultants and accountants who are prepared to embrace new technologies. Many businesses don’t have the time or resource to make the most of their data, and traditional consultancy offerings are cost-prohibitive. Teams like KPMG Private Enterprise are changing this paradigm, by utilising specialist solutions to build out their range of powerful reporting solutions at a low price. Tools like SyncHub, that provide turnkey solutions for data extraction, are a critical part of the future.

“They allow non-data specialists to harness business insights, which will be critical moving forward in the business world,” says Eva. “We are helping a lot of kiwi businesses with their transformation and digitisation strategies right now, and things like shifting to cloud systems, establishing a best of breed approach to their software, and the need to integrate and extract insights across platforms will all play into this. We are really obsessed with being better than yesterday. It’s a simple message, but it’s driving a great continuous improvement attitude across our team. For us this means getting more client feedback in, developing better services, and improving our ability to deliver smarter with better tech solutions and partnerships.”