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FOUR20 Premium Market

Super-charging Vend reports with real-time data from SyncHub

At a glance…


Lightspeed Retail (X-Series/Vend)

Reporting tool

Power BI


Real time reporting across multiple accounts
Easy access to data
Saved time and improved reporting accuracy

FOUR20 Premium Market is an upscale dispensary operator. They offer a premium cannabis retail experience from their 12 stores spread across Alberta, Canada.

The challenge

FOUR20 Premium Market love using Vend and adopted it as their point of sale, payment processing and inventory management system across all their outlets. As they grew, they needed to be able to generate highly sophisticated reports and detailed tracking of metrics across their business. For this they were using a BI reporting tool, but each time they wanted to update their reports they were having to manually import their data. This was not only extra admin but also causing inaccuracies in their reporting, as the dashboards and visuals they created would quickly become out-of-date.

The solution

FOUR20 used SyncHub to get their data to sync automatically from Vend into their reporting tool. Using the online app, they connected their Vend account to SyncHub and received database credentials to enter into their reporting tool. Voila, their raw data was now kept updated and ready whenever they needed it.

In the background, the SyncHub engine was doing all kinds of cool stuff. Once Vend was connected it immediately set to work pulling all their historical data and staging it in a secure data warehouse. Once that was complete, it initiated the incremental adding to and adjusting of that data, so that whenever changes are made it’s reflected in real time in their reports.

The results

FOUR20 now have the freedom to create their own custom visual reports whenever they need them. And with templates set up, all they need to do is press refresh for any reports they want to view. No more manual export-import and copy-paste; they now have all their data, all the time.

FOUR20 can rest easy knowing that their business insights are based on data that is accurate and always up-to-date. And for truly comprehensive reporting, they have the ability to combine their Vend data with that from other cloud sources. Now that’s freed data.